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Septic Tank Inspection in Raleigh, NC

The Leading Septic Inspection Company in Raleigh, North Carolina

Septic tank issues can be difficult to spot and lead to big problems if not caught in time. They can lead to costly repairs, environmental problems, and even the need for a new septic system installation. For those reasons, it’s crucial to uncover issues before they become big problems.


Finding the right septic company to perform such inspections can be overwhelming. You need to ensure you’re working with a company that is experienced and trustworthy.

Fortunately, at Clean Earth Environmental, we’re leading the way in septic inspections in Raleigh, NC. Our team of qualified professionals can inspect your septic system and identify any potential issues. We have over 10 years in the industry, so you can be sure you’re in good hands.

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How To Know You Need A Professional

There are a few key signs that can indicate that something is wrong. If you notice any of the following, it’s time to call a professional:


  • Pooling water around the tank
  • Overflowing sewage
  • Unusual odors coming from the tank or drains
  • Slow drainage from fixtures


We use the latest technology and equipment at Clean Earth Environmental to perform septic inspections. We understand that there are different septic systems, so we tailor our approach to each one.


Benefits Of Working With Us!

Investing in our septic inspection services is the best way to avoid a nightmare. We’ll notify you of any problems at the first sign, so we can fix them immediately and get your system back on track!

There are many benefits of working with us, including:


  1. Our septic inspections can help you avoid costly repairs down the road.
  2. We can help you extend the life of your septic system.
  3. Septic inspections can help you identify problems with your septic system early on.
  4. We’ll provide you with the peace of mind that your septic system is functioning properly.


At Clean Earth Environmental, we work to provide residential and commercial services so that we can help septic tank owners of all types. Our septic tank pumping and maintenance will keep your system running smoothly. We are always up-to-date with the latest technology and practices. 


Work With The Pros Now!

Clean Earth Environmental is your perfect choice if you’re looking for the most reliable option. Working with our regular septic inspections is an investment for your home or business safety.


We’re environmentally friendly, using only eco-friendly products and practices to protect your property and the environment. We provide free estimates for your projects and offer emergency services 24/7.


We have a variety of services, including septic system installation, riser and lid installation, septic tank pumping, repairs, grease trap cleaning, and more. We work at affordable prices, so you can rest assured that you’re getting the best possible value for your money. Contact us today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the frequently asked questions we get about our Septic Tank Inspection.

The most complete type of inspection is the one that uses a digital camera together with a dye test. A septic inspection is not complete unless performed by a certified inspector.
A camera allows our inspector to visually examine all the important components of the septic system. It provides visual confirmation of existing problems deep within the system. Using a camera can avoid misdiagnosis and prevent you from spending thousands of dollars on repairs.
The duration of a septic inspection will vary based on the complexity of each system. It will also depend on our inspector’s on-site findings. Generally, a septic inspection can take anywhere from 45 minutes up to three hours.
Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Clean Earth Septic?

Clean Earth Septic is a locally owned and operated septic company offering local septic inspections at competitive prices. All our technicians are highly skilled, licensed, and insured to provide the best septic services you can get.
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If you need a septic inspection, Clean Earth Septic provides services throughout Wake County, Franklin County, Durham County, Johnson county and more surrounding areas. Call us now at 919-888-4066 to help set up an inspection, or for more information about other services we provide.

Our Other Great Services

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Septic Tank Pumping

Our septic tank pumping services are effective. We pump out both sides of the septic tank completely to ensure that nothing was left out during the process.
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Riser & Lid Installation

Our team is ready to provide a thorough and detailed septic inspection. We have been the most trusted septic company in the area because of our commitment to customer service.
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Septic Repair

The team at Clean Earth Septic can repair and service your septic system. We can repair all parts of your tank, including the pump and the drain field. Your septic system is vital to the health of your entire property.
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Hydro Jetting

Hydro jetting is one the best ways to clear your pipes of some of the largest obstructions. Our professionals can identify the source of the problem by using a camera inspection and blasting the problem away. We will know how much water pressure to apply to ensure that your sewer line is cleared out properly.
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Septic Tank Installation

We understand that septic tank installation is a significant investment that requires an expert. We have more than 10 years of experience installing, maintaining, and cleaning septic tanks. Our septic team is licensed and fully equipped to do the work correctly and economically.
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Grease Trap Cleaning

At Clean Earth Septic, our comprehensive grease trap cleaning includes cleaning of all food, debris, and grease buildup in your system. We provide the required documentation to meet all state health department guidelines.

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Give us a call at 919-888-4066 to know more about our septic services. We also offer free estimates and special discounts for first-time tank cleaning! Clean Earth Septic proudly serves Wake County, Franklin County, Durham County, Johnston county and more surrounding areas.